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9.5 Obsoleting Macros

Configuration and portability technology has evolved over the years. Often better ways of solving a particular problem are developed, or ad-hoc approaches are systematized. This process has occurred in many parts of Autoconf. One result is that some of the macros are now considered obsolete; they still work, but are no longer considered the best thing to do, hence they should be replaced with more modern macros. Ideally, autoupdate should substitute the old macro calls with their modern implementation.

Autoconf provides a simple means to obsolete a macro.

Macro: AU_DEFUN (old-macro, implementation, [message])
Define old-macro as implementation. The only difference with AC_DEFUN is that the user will be warned that old-macro is now obsolete.

If she then uses autoupdate, the call to old-macro will be replaced by the modern implementation. The additional message is then printed.

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