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15.5.2 Changed Makefiles

Add `@CFLAGS@', `@CPPFLAGS@', and `@LDFLAGS@' in your `Makefile.in' files, so they can take advantage of the values of those variables in the environment when configure is run. Doing this isn't necessary, but it's a convenience for users.

Also add `@configure_input@' in a comment to each input file for AC_OUTPUT, so that the output files will contain a comment saying they were produced by configure. Automatically selecting the right comment syntax for all the kinds of files that people call AC_OUTPUT on became too much work.

Add `config.log' and `config.cache' to the list of files you remove in distclean targets.

If you have the following in `Makefile.in':

prefix = /usr/local
exec_prefix = $(prefix)

you must change it to:

prefix = @prefix@
exec_prefix = @exec_prefix@

The old behavior of replacing those variables without `@' characters around them has been removed.

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