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4.9 Running Arbitrary Configuration Commands

You execute arbitrary commands either before, during and after `config.status' is run. The three following macros accumulate the commands to run when they are called multiple times. AC_CONFIG_COMMANDS replaces the obsolete macro AC_OUTPUT_COMMANDS, see 15.4 Obsolete Macros, for details.

Macro: AC_CONFIG_COMMANDS (tag..., [cmds], [init-cmds])
Specify additional shell commands to run at the end of `config.status', and shell commands to initialize any variables from configure. Associate the commands to the tag. Since typically the cmds create a file, tag should naturally be the name of that file. This macro is one of the instantiating macros, see 4.5 Taking Configuration Actions.

Here is an unrealistic example:
                   [echo this is extra $fubar, and so on.],

Here is a better one:
AC_CONFIG_COMMANDS([time-stamp], [date >time-stamp])

Execute the cmds right before creating `config.status'. A typical use is computing values derived from variables built during the execution of configure:

[LTLIBOBJS=`echo $LIBOBJS | sed 's/\.o/\.lo/g'`

Execute the cmds right after creating `config.status'.

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