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5.3 Files

You might also need to check for the existence of files. Before using these macros, ask yourself whether a run time test might not be a better solution. Be aware that, like most Autoconf macros, they test a feature of the host machine, and therefore, they die when cross-compiling.

Macro: AC_CHECK_FILE (file, [action-if-found], [action-if-not-found])
Check whether file file exists on the native system. If it is found, execute action-if-found, otherwise do action-if-not-found, if given.

Macro: AC_CHECK_FILES (files, [action-if-found], [action-if-not-found])
Executes AC_CHECK_FILE once for each file listed in files. Additionally, defines `HAVE_file' (see section 5.1.1 Standard Symbols) for each file found.

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