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5.10 Compilers and Preprocessors

All the tests for compilers (AC_PROG_CC, AC_PROG_CXX, AC_PROG_F77) define the output variable EXEEXT based on the output of the compiler, typically to the empty string if Unix and `.exe' if Win32 or OS/2.

They also define the output variable OBJEXT based on the output of the compiler, after .c files have been excluded, typically to `o' if Unix, `obj' if Win32.

If the compiler being used does not produce executables, they fail. If the executables can't be run, and cross-compilation is not enabled, they fail too. See section 11. Manual Configuration, for more on support for cross compiling.

5.10.1 Generic Compiler Characteristics  Language independent tests
5.10.2 C Compiler Characteristics  Checking its characteristics
5.10.3 C++ Compiler Characteristics  Likewise
5.10.4 Fortran 77 Compiler Characteristics  Likewise

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