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GNU Autoconf, Automake and Libtool, by G. V. Vaughan, B. Elliston, T. Tromey, and I. L. Taylor. New Riders, 2000, ISBN 1578701902.


Using defn.


For backward compatibility, configure will accept a system type as an option by itself. Such an option will override the defaults for build, host and target system types. The following configure statement will configure a cross toolchain that will run on NetBSD/alpha but generate code for GNU Hurd/sparc, which is also the build platform.

./configure --host=alpha-netbsd sparc-gnu


It is on purpose that we don't document autom4te which is yet another forthcoming Autoconf feature: it is being developed and polished. It will be documented when ready for wide spread use. Do not use it without at least being member of the Autoconf mailing lists.

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