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5.1 Entries Lines

Entries lines are transmitted as:

/ name / version / conflict / options / tag_or_date

tag_or_date is either `T' tag or `D' date or empty. If it is followed by a slash, anything after the slash shall be silently ignored.

version can be empty, or start with `0' or `-', for no user file, new user file, or user file to be removed, respectively.

conflict, if it starts with `+', indicates that the file had conflicts in it. The rest of conflict is `=' if the timestamp matches the file, or anything else if it doesn't. If conflict does not start with a `+', it is silently ignored.

options signifies the keyword expansion options (for example `-ko'). In an Entry request, this indicates the options that were specified with the file from the previous file updating response (see section 5.9 Introduction to Responses, for a list of file updating responses); if the client is specifying the `-k' or `-A' option to update, then it is the server which figures out what overrides what.

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