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4.3 Building and Installing a Cross-Compiler

GNU CC can function as a cross-compiler for many machines, but not all.

Since GNU CC generates assembler code, you probably need a cross-assembler that GNU CC can run, in order to produce object files. If you want to link on other than the target machine, you need a cross-linker as well. You also need header files and libraries suitable for the target machine that you can install on the host machine.

4.3.1 Steps of Cross-Compilation  Using a cross-compiler involves several steps that may be carried out on different machines.
4.3.2 Configuring a Cross-Compiler  Configuring a cross-compiler.
4.3.3 Tools and Libraries for a Cross-Compiler  Where to put the linker and assembler, and the C library.
4.3.4 Cross-Compilers and Header Files  Finding and installing header files for a cross-compiler.
4.3.5 Actually Building the Cross-Compiler  Actually compiling the cross-compiler.

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