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Hackman! A Dog in a Bucket, Bill Houston, 2005, HarperCollins, $9.98, Hackman [Hackman2005], (ISBN: 0007207379).
The Very Best of Hagar the Horrible, Dik Browne, 1982, Simon & Schuster (Wallaby), $4.95, Hagar [Hagar1982], (ISBN: 0671447327).
Hagar the Horrible: Never Say Die, Dik Browne, 1988, Attica, $2.96, Hagar [Hagar1988a], (ISBN: 1851760628).
Hagar The Horrible Welcome Home!, Dik Browne, 1988, Attica, $1.98, Hagar [Hagar1988b], (ISBN: 185176173X).
Rapunzel's Revenge, Shannon Hale, Deal Hale, Nathan Hale, 2008, Bloomsbury, $14.99, Graphic Novel [Hale2008], (ISBN: 1599902885).
Greetings, Dearie! (a Connoisseur's Collection of Humor from Hallmark Contemporary Cards), 1962, Doubleday, $5.95, Hallmark Cards [Hallmark1962].
The Black Pearl, Mark Hamill, Eric Johnson, 1997, Dark Horse Comics, $16.95, Graphic Novel [Hamill1997], (ISBN: 1569712743).
Husbands, Wives and Live-Togethers, Wm. Hamilton, 1976, G.P. Putnam's Sons, $7.95, Cartoons (Hamilton) [Hamilton1976].
Voodoo Economics, Wm. Hamilton, 1992, Chronicle Books, $9.95, Cartoons (Hamilton) [Hamilton1992], (ISBN: 0811802264).
Happiness is ..., 1993, Chancellor Press, $3.98, Cartoons (Hamlet) [Hamlet1993], (ISBN: 1851526331).
From the Files of Mike Hammer: The Complete Dailies and Sundays (26 April 1953 - 20 March 1954), Mickey Spilland, Ed Robbins, 2013, Hermes Press, $49.99, Mike Hammer [Hammer1953], (ISBN: 1613450257).
Draw Me Sumpthin', Mister!, Walt Handelsman, 1997, The Times-Picayune, $10.00, Political Cartoons (Walt Handelsman) [Handelsman1997], (ISBN: 0966076303).
Hardy Boys #1: The Ocean of Osyria, Scott Lobdell, Lea Hernandez, 2005, Papercutz, $7.95, Hardy Boys [HardyBoys2005], (ISBN: 1597070017).
It's a Bird's Life, Hargreaves, 1965, Museum Press, $2.00, Cartoons (Hargreaves) [Hargreaves1965].
Birds of a Feather, Hargreaves, 1969, Macmillan London Ltd, $5.95, Cartoons (Hargreaves) [Hargreaves1969].
Dark Laughter: The Satiric Art of Oliver W. Harrington, M. Thomas Inge (Editor), 1993, University Press of Mississippi, $12.95, Cartoons (Harrington) [Harrington1993], (ISBN: 0878056564).
So Far, So Good, S. Harris, 1971, Playboy Press, $2.00, Cartoons (S.Harris) [Harris1971].
What's So Funny about Science?, S. Harris, 1977, William Kaufmann, $4.48, Cartoons (S.Harris) [Harris1977], (ISBN: 0913232394).
Chicken Soup and Other Medical Matters, S. Harris, 1979, William Kaufmann, $4.95, Cartoons (S.Harris) [Harris1979], (ISBN: 0913232742).
All Ends Up, S. Harris, 1980, William Kaufmann, $4.95, Cartoons (S.Harris) [Harris1980], (ISBN: 0865760004).
Science Goes to the Dogs, S. Harris, 1985, ISI Press, $3.98, Cartoons (S.Harris) [Harris1985], (ISBN: 0894950436).
What's So Funny about Business?, S. Harris, 1986, William Kaufmann, $9.95, Cartoons (S.Harris) [Harris1986], (ISBN: 0865761000).
Einstein Simplified: Cartoons on Science, S. Harris, 1989, Rutgers University Press, $9.95, Cartoons (S.Harris) [Harris1989], (ISBN: 081351410X).
You Want Proof? I'll Give You Proof!, S. Harris, 1991, W.H. Freeman and Company, $10.95, Cartoons (S.Harris) [Harris1991a], (ISBN: 0716721597).
Can't You Guys Read?, S. Harris, 1991, Rutgers University Press, $9.95, Cartoons (S.Harris) [Harris1991b], (ISBN: 0813517338).
From Personal Ads to Cloning Labs, S. Harris, 1992, W.H. Freeman and Company, $10.95, Cartoons (S.Harris) [Harris1992], (ISBN: 0716723514).
So Sue Me!, S. Harris, 1993, Rutgers University Press, $9.95, Cartoons (S.Harris) [Harris1993a], (ISBN: 0813519640).
There Goes Archimedes, S. Harris, 1993, Unigraphics, $5.00, Cartoons (S.Harris) [Harris1993b], (ISBN: 9556190007).
Stress Test: Cartoons on Medicine, S. Harris, 1994, Rutgers University Press, $10.95, Cartoons (S.Harris) [Harris1994], (ISBN: 0813520657).
Chalk Up Another One, S. Harris, 1995, AAAS Press, $10.95, Cartoons (S.Harris) [Harris1995], (ISBN: 0813522609).
Einstein Atomized, S. Harris, 1996, Copernicus, $14.00, Cartoons (S.Harris) [Harris1996a], (ISBN: 0387946659).
There Goes the Neighborhood, S. Harris, 1996, University of Georgia Press, $11.95, Cartoons (S.Harris) [Harris1996b], (ISBN: 0820318051).
The Interactive Toaster, S. Harris, 1996, Crisp, $12.95, Cartoons (S.Harris) [Harris1996c], (ISBN: 1560524081).
Freudian Slips: Cartoons on Psychology, Sidney Harris, 1997, Rutgers University Press, $12.00, Cartoons (S.Harris) [Harris1997], (ISBN: 0813524784).
49 Dogs, 36 Cats & a Platypus: Animal Cartoons, Sidney Harris, 1999, Rutgers University Press, $14.00, Cartoons (S.Harris) [Harris1999], (ISBN: 0813527430).
101 Funny Things About Global Warming, Sidney Harris, Colleagues, 2008, Bloomsbury, $13.95, Cartoons (S.Harris) [Harris2008], (ISBN: 1596914823).
Cartoons of the Roaring Twenties: Volume 1, R.C. Harvey (Editor), 1991, Fantagraphics Books, $8.95, Cartoons (20s) [Harvey1991], (ISBN: 1560970510).
Cartoons of the Roaring Twenties: Volume 2, R.C. Harvey (Editor), 1992, Fantagraphics Books, $8.95, Cartoons (20s) [Harvey1992], (ISBN: 1560970790).
Little Robot, Ben Hatke, 2015, First Second, $16.99, Graphic Novel [Hatke2015], (ISBN: 1626720800).
They'll Do It Every Time, Jimmy Hatlo, 1943, David McKay Company, $12.00, Cartoons (Hatlo) [Hatlo1943].
They'll Do It Every Time Book No. 2, Jimmy Hatlo, 1945, David McKay Company, $15.50, Cartoons (Hatlo) [Hatlo1945].
The Spirited Woman's Cartoon Book, Joann Haugerud, 1990, Coalition on Women and Religion, $7.95, Cartoons (Feminism) [Haugerud1990], (ISBN: 096030424X).
Happy Landings! Cartoons by Bosc, Chaval, Paul Flora and Loriot, Daniel Keel, Daniel Kampa (Editors), 2007, Haus Publishing, $10.95, Cartoons (Travel) [Haus2007], (ISBN: 1905791216).
Only in Hawaii, Ann Kondo Corum, 1989, Bess Press, $4.98, Cartoons (Hawaii) [Hawaii1989], (ISBN: 0935848762).
The Story of My Tits, Jennifer Hayden, 2015, Top Shelf Productions, $29.99, Graphic Memoir [Hayden2015], (ISBN: 1603090541).
Impossible People, Elizabeth Hayklan, 1938, Hutchinson, $5.00, Cartoons (Hayklan) [Hayklan1938].
Many Happy Returns, Ted Key, 1951, E.P. Dutton, $3.95, Cartoons (Key) [Hazel1951].
Fasten Your Seat Belts, Ted Key, 1956, E.P. Dutton, $10.00, Cartoons (Key) [Hazel1956].
All Hazel, Ted Key, 1958, E.P. Dutton, $4.00, Hazel [Hazel1958].
Heart of the City, Mark Tatulli, 2000, Andrews McMeel, $9.95, Heart of the City [Heart2000], (ISBN: 0740705768).
Phoebe and Her Unicorn, Dana Simpson, 2014, Andrews McMeel, $9.99, Heavenly Nostrils [Heavenly2014], (ISBN: 1449446205).
Unicorn on a Roll, Dana Simpson, 2015, Andrews McMeel, $9.99, Heavenly Nostrils [Heavenly2015], (ISBN: 1449470769).
Unicorn vs. Goblins, Dana Simpson, 2016, Andrews McMeel, $9.99, Heavenly Nostrils [Heavenly2016], (ISBN: 1449476287).
Phoebe and Her Unicorn in the Magic Storm, Dana Simpson, 2017, Andrews McMeel, $9.99, Heavenly Nostrils [Heavenly2017], (ISBN: 1449483593).
Wind of the Gods: Volume One: Blood From the Moon, Patrick Cothias, Adamov, 1985, Heavy Metal/Tundra, $14.95, Heavy Metal [Heavy1985], (ISBN: 1879450119).
Ramparts: Unseeing Eyes, Turf, Joel Mouclier, 1990, Heavy Metal/Tundra, $14.95, Heavy Metal [Heavy1990], (ISBN: 1879450488).
Apocalypse: The Eyes of Doom, Juan Gimenez, Roberto Dal Pra, 1991, Heavy Metal/Kitchen Sink, $14.95, Heavy Metal [Heavy1991], (ISBN: 0878162208).
Maximum Volume, Siro, 1994, Heavy Metal/Kitchen Sink, $14.95, Heavy Metal [Heavy1994], (ISBN: 087816281X).
A Good Planet is Hard to Find, John Heine, 1991, Menasha Ridge Press, $5.95, Cartoons (Heine) [Heine1991], (ISBN: 0897321081).
The Wages of Sin and Other Victorian Joys & Sorrows, John Held Jr., 1964, Dover, $3.95, Cartoons (John Held Jr.) [Held1964], (ISBN: 0486228614).
Techies Unite, Peter E. Zale, 1999, Moody Cow, $12.00, Helen [Helen1999], (ISBN: 0966757432).
Techies Unite!, Peter E. Zale, 2000, McGraw-Hill, $12.95, Helen [Helen2000], (ISBN: 0071360735).
Man Bites Man: Two Decades of Satiric Art, Steven Heller (Editor), 1981, A & W Publishers, $35.00, Cartoons (Guild) [Heller1981], (ISBN: 0894790862).
Maxine!, Marian Henley, 1987, New American Library (Plume), $3.48, Maxine [Henley1987], (ISBN: 0452259991).
Laughing Gas: The Best of Maxine!, Marian Henley, 2003, Republic of Texas, $21.95, Maxine [Henley2003], (ISBN: 1556229321).
The Collegiate Hepcats, Martin Wagner, 1993, Double Diamond Press, $9.95, Hepcats [Hepcats1993], (ISBN: 0963666002).
Snowblind, Martin Wagner, 1995, Double Diamond Press, $15.00, Hepcats [Hepcats1995], (ISBN: 0963666029).
100 of the Best Herman, Jim Unger, 1978, Cirbo-Publications, $4.00, Herman [Herman1978].
Herman Classics, Volume Three, Jim Unger, 2005, ECW Press, $22.95, Herman [Herman2005], (ISBN: 1550227068).
The Towers of Bois-Maury: Volume 1 Babbette, Hermann, 2002, Dark Horse, $14.95, Towers of Bois-Maury [Hermann2002a], (ISBN: 1569717680).
The Towers of Bois-Maury: Volume 2 Eloise De Montgri, Hermann, 2002, Dark Horse, $14.95, Towers of Bois-Maury [Hermann2002b], (ISBN: 1569717699).
Heros: Volume 1, Tim Sale, 2007, Wildstorm, $29.99, Heros (TV) [Heros2007], (ISBN: 1401217052).
The Search, Eric Heuvel, Ruud van der Rol, Lies Schippers, 2007, Anne Frank House, $9.99, Graphic Novel [Heuvel2007a], (ISBN: 9086671004).
A Family Secret, Eric Heuvel, 2007, Farrar Straus Giroux, $9.99, Graphic Novel [Heuvel2007b], (ISBN: 0374422656).
The Cartoon Connection: The Art of Pictorial Humour, William Hewison, 1977, Elm Tree Books, $4.98, Analysis [Hewison1977], (ISBN: 0241894832).
Informagic, Jean-Pierre Petit, 1980, John Murray, $4.48, The Adventures of Archibald Higgins [Higgins1980a], (ISBN: 0719539811).
Euclid Rules OK?, Jean-Pierre Petit, 1980, John Murray, $4.48, The Adventures of Archibald Higgins [Higgins1980b], (ISBN: 0719539838).
Hijinks Ensue Volume 1: Godspeed, You Fancy Bastard, Joel Watson, 2009, Joel Watson, $20.00, Hijinks Ensue [Hijinks2009].
Fanny Hillman: Memoirs of a Jewish Madam, 1965, Kanrom, $1.00, Fanny Hillman [Hillman1965a].
Fanny Hillman in Washington: Memoirs of a Jewish Madam, 1965, Kanrom, $3.00, Fanny Hillman [Hillman1965b].
Hilly Rose Space Reporter, B.C. Boyer, 1996, Marlowe & Company, $12.95, Hilly Rose [HillyRose1996], (ISBN: 1569247579).
Hi and Lois Sunday Best, Brian Walker, Greg Walker, Chance Browne, 2005, ECW Press, $17.95, Hi & Lois [HiLois2005].
July, August and Winter, Bill Hincher, 1965, Pex Publishing, $1.00, Cartoons (North Dakota) [Hincher1965].
Hirschfeld's New York, Clare Bell, 2001, Harry N. Abrams, $15.95, Cartoons (Hirschfeld) [Hirschfeld2001], (ISBN: 0810929740).
Day of Infamy: Attack on Pearl Harbor, Steve White, Gary Erskine, Jerrold Spahn, 2007, Osprey Publishing, $9.95, History (War) [History2007-1], (ISBN: 1846030595).
Ironclads at War: The Monitor vs the Merrimac, Dan Abnett, Ron Wagner, Dheeraj Verma, 2007, Osprey Publishing, $9.95, History (War) [History2007-8], (ISBN: 1846030536).
He Looks Too Happy to Be an Assistant Professor, Vivian Scott Hixson, 1995, University of Missouri Press, $5.98, Cartoons (College) [Hixson1995], (ISBN: 0826210767).
Enough Time? The Pattern of Executive Life, Eric Hodgins, 1959, Doubleday, $5.00, Cartoons (Business) [Hodgins1959].
With Sgt. Mike in Vietnam, Michael T. Hodgson, 1970, Army Times Publishing, $5.95, Sgt. Mike [Hodgson1970].
The Best of Sgt. Mike, Michael T. Hodgson, 1973, Army Times Publishing, $2.00, Sgt. Mike [Hodgson1973].
Nasreddin Hodja, Mehmet Guldiz, 1997, Revas, $8.00, Nasreddin Hodja [Hodja1997], (ISBN: 9758212168).
Oops! Wrong Stateroom!, Syd Hoff, 1953, Ives Washburn, $4.50, Cartoons (Hoff) [Hoff1953].
Out of Gas!, Syd Hoff, 1954, Ives Washburn, $8.50, Cartoons (Hoff) [Hoff1954].
Okay -- You Can Look Now!, Syd Hoff, 1955, Little, Brown, $4.50, Cartoons (Hoff) [Hoff1955a].
Editorial and Political Cartooning, Syd Hoff, 1976, Stravon Educational Press, $7.98, Political Cartoons (General) [Hoff1976], (ISBN: 0873960785).
Boss Tweed and the Man Who Drew Him, Syd Hoff, 1978, Coward, McCann & Geoghegan, $5.49, Political Cartoons (General) [Hoff1978], (ISBN: 0698307062).
When Were You Built?, Helen E. Hokinson, 1948, E.P. Dutton, $5.75, Cartoons (Hokinson) [Hokinson1948].
The Ladies, God Bless 'em!, Helen E. Hokinson, 1950, E.P. Dutton, $3.00, Cartoons (Hokinson) [Hokinson1950].
There Are Ladies Present, Helen E. Hokinson, 1952, E.P. Dutton, $9.00, Cartoons (Hokinson) [Hokinson1952].
Poppin' A Button, Maurice Holcomb, Lang Goodwin, 1944, $4.95, Cartoons (Baby) [Holcomb1944].
Holidaze, Justin Murphy, 2010, Rampart Press, $9.95, Holidaze [Holidaze2010], (ISBN: 0979957915).
Belly Joke Junction, Harold Holland, 1967, Harold Holland, $12.95, Cartoons (Trains) [Holland1967].
Hollenhead, Sabin C. Streeter, 1987, NAL Penguin Books, $5.95, Hollenhead (Yale) [Hollenhead1987], (ISBN: 0452259541).
The Hollywood Detectives: Dan Turner & Queenie Starr, Tom Mason, Mickie Villa (Editors), 1991, Malibu Graphics, $3.95, Hollywood Detectives [Hollywood1991], (ISBN: 1563980010).
Sunny Side Up, Jennifer L. Holm, Matthew Holm, 2015, Scholastic, $12.99, Graphic Novel [Holm2015], (ISBN: 0545741661).
Zachary Holmes Case One: The Monster, Carlos Trillo, Juan Bobillo, 2001, Dark Horse, $14.95, Zachary Holmes [Holmes2001], (ISBN: 1569717028).
Zachary Holmes Case Two: The Sorcerer, Carlos Trillo, Juan Bobillo, 2002, Dark Horse, $14.95, Zachary Holmes [Holmes2002], (ISBN: 1569717036).
Fit For Nothing: How to Survive the Health Boom, Martin Honeysett, 1983, Century, $2.50, Cartoons (Health) [Honeysett1983], (ISBN: 0712602364).
Life on the Edge, Judy Horacek, 1992, Spinifex, $8.95, Cartoons (Horacek) [Horacek1992], (ISBN: 1875559116).
Make Cakes Not War, Judy Horacek, 2007, Andrews McMeel, $14.95, Cartoons (Horacek) [Horacek2007], (ISBN: 0740769634).
Comics of the American West, Maurice Horn, 1977, Stoeger Publishing, $7.95, Analysis [Horn1977], (ISBN: 0883170485).
100 Years of American Newspaper Comics, Maurice Horn (Editor), 1996, Gramercy, $14.95, Analysis [Horn1996], (ISBN: 0517124475).
The Fall of Man, David Horsey, 1994, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, $10.95, Political Cartoons (Horsey) [Horsey1994], (ISBN: 0962455938).
One Man Show, David Horsey, 1999, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, $8.95, Political Cartoons (Horsey) [Horsey1999], (ISBN: 0962455970).
From Hanging Chad to Baghdad, David Horsey, 2003, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, $16.95, Political Cartoons (Horsey) [Horsey2003], (ISBN: 0962455997).
Houdini: The Handcuff King, Jason Lutes, Nick Bertozzi, 2007, Hyperion, $16.99, Graphic Novel [Houdini2007], (ISBN: 0786839023).
Kid Houdini and the Silver Dollar Misfits, Dwight L. MacPherson, Worth Gowell, Kevin Conley, 2008, Viper Comics, $9.95, Graphic Novel [Houdini2008], (ISBN: 0980238528).
Housebroken: There's a New Dawg in Town, Steve Watkins, 2004, Andrews McMeel, $10.95, Housebroken [Housebroken2004], (ISBN: 0740746731).
Gangsta Yoga With DJ Dog, Steve Watkins, 2005, Andrews McMeel, $10.95, Housebroken [Housebroken2005], (ISBN: 0740754548).
New Zealand for Beginners, Stuart Howard, Stephen Higginson, 1977, Caveman Press, $20.00, History (New Zealand) [Howard1977], (ISBN: 0908562705).
Howard the Duck, Steve Gerber, Phil Winslade, 2002, Marvel Comics, $14.99, Howard the Duck [Howard2002], (ISBN: 0785109315).
The Single File: The Complete Collection, Rob Howell, 2001, R.R. Donnelly & Sons, $12.95, The Single File [Howell2001], (ISBN: 0971273707).
Miss Don't Touch Me Volume 1, Hubert, Kerascoet, 2008, (NBM) Nantier, Beall, Minoustchine, $14.95, Graphic Novel [Hubert2007], (ISBN: 1561635448).
Miss Don't Touch Me Volume 2, Hubert, Kerascoet, 2010, (NBM) Nantier, Beall, Minoustchine, $14.99, Graphic Novel [Hubert2008], (ISBN: 1561635928).
Hubris: I Meant To Do That, Greg Cravens, 2012, Moonbase Press, $17.50, Hubris [Hubris2012], (ISBN: 1935933183).
The Great Stanky Creek Outdoorfest, Greg Cravens, 2016, Createspace, $18.00, Hubris [Hubris2016], (ISBN: 1533660514).
Bye! American: The Labor Cartoons of Huck & Konopacki, Gary Huck, Mike Konopacki, 1987, Charles H. Kerr Publishing, $5.95, Cartoons (Huck & Konopacki) [Huck1987], (ISBN: 0882861557).
Them: More Labor Cartoons by Huck & Konopacki, Gary Huck, Mike Konopacki, 1990, Charles H. Kerr Publishing, $6.50, Cartoons (Huck & Konopacki) [Huck1990], (ISBN: 0882862049).
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Clare Dwiggins, 1990, Malibu Graphics, $12.95, Huckleberry Finn [Huckleberry1940], (ISBN: 094473555X).
Huckleberry Finn, 1974, Peter Pan, $1.98, Huckleberry Finn: Book & Recording [Huckleberry1974].
Whoops Airlines, Mike Hughes, 1998, C2C Publications, $9.95, Cartoons (Airlines) [Hughes1998], (ISBN: 0966413008).
Ettatorials: The Best of Etta Hulme, Etta Hulme, 1998, Pelican, $8.95, Political Cartoons (Hulme) [Hulme1998], (ISBN: 1565543181).
The Humble Stumble, Roy Schneider, 2015, Lulu.com, $13.50, The Humble Stumble [Humble2015], (ISBN: 1329275314).
When We Get Back Home from Japan, Bill Hume, John Annarino, 1953, Pacific Stars and Stripes, $3.50, Cartoons (Japan) [Hume1953a].
Babysan A Private Look at the Japanese Occupation, Bill Hume, 1953, Kasuga Boeki, $3.50, Cartoons (Japan) [Hume1953b].
Babysan's World: The Hume'n Slant on Japan, Bill Hume, 1954, Charles E. Tuttle Company, $30.00, Cartoons (Japan) [Hume1954].
The Pin-Up Art of Humorama, Alex Chun (Editor), Jacob Covey, 2011, Fantagraphics Books, $19.99, Cartoons (Humorama) [Humorama2011], (ISBN: 1560979593).
Funny Things, Computers, Trevor Hutchings, 1983, James Lorimer & Company, $3.00, Cartoons (Computers) [Hutchings1983], (ISBN: 0888626789).
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