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Flatland, Edwin Abbott Abbott, Thomas Banchoff, 1991, Princeton University Press, Literature [Literature1991], (ISBN: 0691025258).
400 Games for School, Home and Playground, Ethel F. Acker, 1923, F.A. Owen Publishing, Children [Children1923], (ISBN: B000RB7UQY).
Principles of Compiler Design (Addison-Wesley series in computer science and information processing), Alfred V. Aho, Jeffrey D. Ullman, 1977, Addison-Wesley, Computers [Computers1977], (ISBN: 0201000229).
Hearst Castle San Simeon, Thomas Aidala, 1988, Crescent Books, Travel [Travel1988b], (ISBN: 0517460823).
They Followed A Bright Star, Joan Alavedra, Ulises Wensell, 1994, Putnam, Children [Children1994b], (ISBN: 0399227067).
The Book of the Dragon, Judy Allen, Jeanne Griffiths, 1979, Chartwell Books, Art [Art1979b], (ISBN: 0890092419).
Liberty: The Statue and the American Dream, Leslie Allen, 1985, The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation, History, Statue of Liberty [Statue1985], (ISBN: 0870445847).
Stanford From the Foothills to the Bay, Peter Allen, 1980, Stanford Alumni Association & Stanford Historical Society, Stanford [School1980], (ISBN: 0916318028).
The Polar Express, Chris Van Allsburg, 1985, Houghton Mifflin, Children [Children1985c], (ISBN: 0395389496).
Oh Yeah?, Edward Angly, 1931, Viking Press, Humor [Humor1931], (ISBN: B000NRL7CA).
Hindenburg: An Illustrated History, Rick Archbold, Ken Marschall, 1994, Warner Books, Germany [Germany1994], (ISBN: 0446517844).
Whoops Dearie!, Peter Arno, 1927, Simon & Schuster, $18.50, Humor [Humor1927].
Oregon II, Ray Atkeson, 1974, Belding, Travel [Travel1974a], (ISBN: 0912856157).
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