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The Art and Science of Book Publishing, Herbert S. Bailey Jr., 1980, University of Texas, Publishing [Publishing1980], (ISBN: 0292703511).
Human Error in Computer Systems, Robert W. Bailey, 1983, Prentice-Hall, Computers [Computers1983b], (ISBN: 0134450566).
Exploring the Bismarck (Time Quest Book), Robert D. Ballard, Rick Archbold, 1991, Scholastic Trade, Germany [Germany1991], (ISBN: 0590442686).
The Discovery of the Titanic, Robert D. Ballard, 1989, Warner Books, History, Titanic [Titanic1989], (ISBN: 0446389129).
The Map Book, Peter Barber, 2005, Walker & Company, History [History2005], (ISBN: 0802714749).
The Annotated Mother Goose: With an Introduction and Notes, William Baring-Gould, Ceil Baring-Gould, 1988, Bramhall House, Annotated [Annotated1988], (ISBN: 0517029596).
Sherlock Holmes of Baker Street: A Life of the World's First Consulting Detective, William Baring-Gould, 1962, Bramhall House, Sherlock Holmes [Sherlock1962], (ISBN: B002182PMU).
The World We Live In, Lincoln Barnett, Jane Werner Watson, 1956, Golden Press, Science [Science1956], (ISBN: B000NU58J0).
The Times Concise Atlas of World History, Geoffrey Barraclough (Editor), 1982, Hammond, History [History1982a], (ISBN: 0723002746).
Dave Barry Is Not Making This Up, Dave Barry, 1995, Ballantine Books, Humor [Humor1995a], (ISBN: 0449909735).
D.W. Griffith: American Film Master, Iris Barry, 1940, Museum of Modern Art, Film [Film1940], (ISBN: 0870706837).
Lao Lao of Dragon Mountain, Margaret Bateson-Hill, Manyee Wan, Sha-Liu Qu, Francesca Pelizzoli, 1996, De Agostini Editions, $12.95, Children [Children1996b], (ISBN: 1899883649).
Alice's Adventures in Oxford, Mavis Batey, 1980, Pitkin Guides, Art [Art1980a], (ISBN: 0853722951).
The Annotated Wizard of Oz: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, L. Frank Baum, Michael Patrick Hearn, 1973, Clarkson Potter, Annotated [Annotated1973], (ISBN: 0517500868).
Annotated Wizard of Oz (Centennial Edition), L. Frank Baum, 2000, W.W. Norton & Company, Annotated [Annotated2000], (ISBN: 0393049922).
Amazon Hacks: 100 Industrial-Strength Tips & Tools, Paul Bausch, 2003, O'Reilly & Associates, $24.95, Computers [Computers2003], (ISBN: 0596005423).
Exploring the Solar System: Other Worlds, J. Kelly Beatty, 2001, National Geographic Society, Science [Science2001], (ISBN: 079227878X).
Sister Wendy's Story of Painting, Wendy Beckett, 1997, Doring Kinderling, Art [Art1997a], (ISBN: 1564586154).
Software Testing Techniques, Boris Beizer, 1983, Van Nostrand Reinhold, Computers, Linda [Linda1983b], (ISBN: 0442245920).
Germs Make Me Sick!, Melvin Berger, 1985, Harper & Row, $3.95, Children [Children1985b], (ISBN: 0064450538).
Birnbaum 1985 Walt Disney World, Stephen Birnbaum, 1985, Houghton Mifflin, Disney [Disney1985], (ISBN: 0395365287).
Disneyland 1987, Stephen Birnbaum, 1987, Houghton Mifflin, Disney [Disney1987a], (ISBN: 0395427215).
Japan Handbook, J.D. Bisignani, 1993, Moon Travel Handbooks, Japan [Japan1993], (ISBN: 0918373700).
The Story of the Tooth Fairy, Sheila Black, 1990, Golden Book, Children [Children1990b], (ISBN: 0307140040).
Statue of Liberty: Beacon of promise, L.E. Bond, 1992, Albion Publishing Group, History, Statue of Liberty [Statue1992], (ISBN: 1880352257).
Titanic, Thomas E. Bonsall, 1990, Gallery Books, History, Titanic [Titanic1990], (ISBN: 0831787740).
Living Language Traveltalk: Russian Phrasebook Dictionary, Valerie Borchardt, 1991, Living Language, Travel [Travel1991], (ISBN: 0517576511).
Flash, Crash, Rumble, and Roll, Franklyn M. Branley, 1985, Harper & Row, $3.95, Children [Children1985a], (ISBN: 0064450120).
Net Theory and Applications: Proceedings of the Advanced Course on General Net Theory of Processes and Systems, Hamburg, October 8-19, 1979 (Lecture Notes in Computer Science), W. Brauer, 1980, Springer-Verlag, Computers, Petri nets [Petri1980], (ISBN: 3540100016).
Lateral Logic Puzzles, Erwin Brecher, Lucy Corvino, 1994, Sterling, Puzzles [Puzzles1994], (ISBN: 0806906189).
Fritz and the Beautiful Horses (Sandpiper Books), Jan Brett, 1987, HMH Books for Young Readers, Children [Children1987a], (ISBN: 0395453569).
Disneyland: Inside Story, Randy Bright, 1987, Harry N. Abrams, Disney [Disney1987b], (ISBN: 0810908115).
The Earth Shook, The Sky Burned, William Bronson, 1986, Chronicle Books, History [History1986], (ISBN: 0877013896).
So That's How I Was Born!, Robert Brooks, 1983, Aladdin Paperbacks, $5.95, Children [Children1983a], (ISBN: 0671783440).
These Strange German Ways, Atl Bruecke, 1975, Edelweiss Pub Co, Germany [Germany1975], (ISBN: 392574407X).
The Culturing of Algae: A Symposium, Jules Brunel, G.W. Prescott, L.H. Tiffany, 1950, Charles F. Kettering Foundation, Science [Science1950], (ISBN: B002EO33AO).
Pocket Pal: A Graphic Arts Production Handbook (Fourteenth Edition), Michael H. Bruno, 1989, International Paper Company, Publishing [Publishing1989], (ISBN: B000GWJCQU).
Encyclopedia Sherlockiana, Matthew E. Bunson, 1994, Barnes & Noble, $4.99, Sherlock Holmes [Sherlock1994], (ISBN: 0760705542).
Building the Suez Canal, S.C. Burchell, 1966, American Heritage Publishing, History [History1966c], (ISBN: 006020916X).
Connections, James Burke, 1980, Little, Brown and Company, Science [Science1980a], (ISBN: 0316116858).
My First Calculator Book, Moira Butterfield, Amanda Bartlett, 1995, Wishing Well Books, Children [Children1995h], (ISBN: 0887056547).
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