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Horizon: Volume III, Number 3 (January, 1961): Ludwig's Dream Castles, Mary Cable, 1960, American Horizon, $3.95, Travel [Travel1961].
Lonely Planet Ireland, Lou Callan, Fionn Davenport, Patrick Horton, Oda O'Carroll, Tom Smallman, David Wenk, 2002, Lonely Planet Publications, Travel [Travel2002], (ISBN: 1864503793).
Above San Francisco, Volume II: A New Collection of Nostalgic and Contemporary Aerial Photographs of the Bay Area, Robert Cameron, 1975, Cameron and Company, Travel, Above [Above1975], (ISBN: 0918684056).
Above Washington: A Collection of Nostalgic and Contemporary Aerial Photographs of the District of Columbia, Robert Cameron, 1979, Cameron and Company, $19.95, Travel, Above [Above1979], (ISBN: 0918684080).
Above Hawaii: A Collection of Nostalgic and Contemporary Aerial Photographs of the Hawaiian Islands, Robert Cameron, 1986, Cameron and Company, Travel, Above [Above1986], (ISBN: 0918684021).
The Very Quiet Cricket, Eric Carle, 1990, Philomel, Children [Children1990c], (ISBN: 0399218858).
Word Frequency Book, John B. Carroll, Peter Davies, Barry Richman, 1971, American Heritage Publishing, $25.00, Publishing [Publishing1971], (ISBN: 0395135702).
The Annotated Alice: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass, Lewis Carroll, Martin Gardner, 1993, Random House, Annotated [Annotated1993], (ISBN: 0517029626).
The Rocky and Bullwinkle Book, Louis Chunovic, 1996, Bantam Books, Film [Film1996], (ISBN: 0553105035).
The Nude, Kenneth Clark, 1956, Princeton University Press, Art [Art1956], (ISBN: 0691097925).
Cook's Voyages and Peoples of the Pacific, Hugh Cobbe, 1979, British Museum Publications, History [History1979], (ISBN: 0714115517).
The Penis Book, Joseph Cohen, 1999, Konemann, Sex [Sex1999b], (ISBN: 3829021860).
Covers of the Saturday Evening Post: Seventy Years of Outstanding Illustration, Jan Cohn, Joseph Rutt, 1998, Smithmark, Art [Art1998a], (ISBN: 0765191148).
Joy of Sex Updated Ed, Alex Comfort, 1986, Crown, Sex [Sex1986], (ISBN: 0517564033).
The Smithsonian: 150 Years of Adventure, Discovery, and Wonder, James Conaway, 1995, Knopf, Science, Smithsonian [Smithsonian1995], (ISBN: 0679441751).
Feats and Wisdom of the Ancients (Library of Curious and Unusual Facts), George Constable, 1990, Time-Life, Weird [Weird1990], (ISBN: 0809476754).
Above London, Alistair Cooke, Robert Cameron, 1980, Cameron and Company, Travel, Above [Above1980], (ISBN: 0918684102).
Standard Pascal: User Reference Manual, Doug Cooper, 1983, W.W. Norton & Company, Computers [Computers1983d], (ISBN: 0393301214).
The Collected What If?, Robert Cowley (Editor), 2001, Putnam, History [History2001], (ISBN: 0399152385).
Abingdon Book of Bible Stories Selected for 5-6 Year Olds, Kathleen Crawford, 1995, Abingdon Press, Children [Children1995b], (ISBN: 0687014948).
Standard Catalog Of World Paper Money, General Issues, 1368-1960, George Cuhaj, 2008, Krause Publications, $80.00, Money [Money2008], (ISBN: 0896897303).
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