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History of Japan (Tourist Library: 25), Koya Kakamura, 1939, Board of Tourist Industry, $10.00, Japan [Japan1939].
Sexuality in Ancient Art (Cambridge Studies in New Art History and Criticism), Nathalie Boymel Kampen, Bettina Bergman, Ada Cohen, Eva Steh, 1996, Cambridge University Press, Sex [Sex1996], (ISBN: 0521476836).
If the South Had Won the Civil War, Mac Kinlay Kantor, 1961, Bantam Books, History [History1961], (ISBN: B0073HME3O).
Digital Formats for Typefaces, Peter Karow, 1987, URW Verlag, Computers, TeX [TeX1987], (ISBN: 3926515015).
The Smithsonian Institution, Walter Karp, 1965, Smithsonian Institution Press, Science, Smithsonian [Smithsonian1965], (ISBN: B000NWRKBC).
The Hidden Staircase: Nancy Drew Mystery Stories 2, Carolyn Keene, 1987, Grosset & Dunlap, Nancy Drew [ChildrenDrew02], (ISBN: 0448095025).
The Secret in the Old Attic: Nancy Drew Mystery Stories 21, Carolyn Keene, 1987, Grosset & Dunlap, Nancy Drew [ChildrenDrew21], (ISBN: 0448095211).
The Strange Message in the Parchment: Nancy Drew Mystery Stories 54, Carolyn Keene, 1989, Grosset & Dunlap, $4.50, Nancy Drew [ChildrenDrew54], (ISBN: 0448095548).
Cat, You Better Come Home, Garrison Keillor, Lou Fancher, Steve Johnson, 1995, Viking Juvenile, Children [Children1995d], (ISBN: 0670851124).
The Art and Politics of Thomas Nast, Morton Keller, 1975, Oxford University Press, History [History1975b], (ISBN: 0195019296).
Volcano: First Seventy Days, Mount St. Helens, 1980, Linda Kelso, Robert D. Shangle, 1980, Beautiful America Publishing Company, Science [Science1980c], (ISBN: 0898021782).
Business Japan: A Practical Guide to Understanding Japanese Business Culture, Peggy Kenna, Sondra Lacy, 1994, Ntc Pub Group, Japan [Japan1994], (ISBN: 0844235520).
Japan (Colour Book Series), Don Kenny, 1986, Hoiku-Sha Publishing, Japan [Japan1986], (ISBN: 4586540176).
The Bathroom: Criteria for Design, Alexander Kira, 1967, Bantam Books, $1.45, Science [Science1967], (ISBN: B0007DYYM0).
Betsey's Bee Tree, Margaret Knox, 1980, Shoal Creek Publishers, $7.95, Children [Children1980], (ISBN: 0883190559).
The Work of E.H. Shepard, Rawle Knox, 1980, Schocken Books, $27.50, Art [Art1980b], (ISBN: 0805237445).
The Art of Computer Programming, Vol. 1: Fundamental Algorithms, Donald E. Knuth, 1968, Addison-Wesley, Computers [ComputersKnuth1a], (ISBN: 0201038013).
The Art of Computer Programming, Vol. 2: Seminumerical Algorithms, Donald E. Knuth, 1969, Addison-Wesley, Computers [ComputersKnuth2], (ISBN: 0201038021).
The Art of Computer Programming, Vol. 1: Fundamental Algorithms, 2nd Edition, Donald E. Knuth, 1973, Addison-Wesley, Computers [ComputersKnuth1b], (ISBN: 0201038099).
The Art of Computer Programming, Vol. 3: Sorting and Searching, Donald E. Knuth, 1973, Addison-Wesley, Computers [ComputersKnuth3], (ISBN: 020103803X).
TEX and METAFONT: New directions in typesetting, Donald E. Knuth, 1979, American Mathematical Society, Computers, TeX [TeX1979], (ISBN: 0932376029).
The TeXbook, Donald E. Knuth, 1984, Addison-Wesley, Computers, TeX [TeX1984], (ISBN: 0201134489).
Architecture of Pipelined Computers, Peter M. Kogge, 1981, McGraw-Hill, Computers [Computers1981], (ISBN: 0070352372).
From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler, E.L. Konigsburg, 1978, Bantam Doubleday Dell, $5.50, Children [Children1978b], (ISBN: 0440431808).
Life Laughs Last, Philip B. Kunhardt, 1989, Simon & Schuster, Humor [Humor1989], (ISBN: 0671670921).
Popcorn Cookery, Larry Kusche, 1977, HPBooks, Culture [Culture1977], (ISBN: 091265662X).
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