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Mars: Uncovering the Secrets of the Red Planet, Paul Raeburn, 1998, National Geographic Society, Science [Science1998], (ISBN: 0792273737).
Encyclopedia of Computer Science, Anthony Ralston, 1983, Van Nostrand Reinhold, MyBooks [MyBooks1983], (ISBN: 0442244967).
Encyclopedia of Computer Science & Engineering, Anthony Ralston, 1993, Van Nostrand Reinhold, MyBooks [MyBooks1993a], (ISBN: 0442276796).
Disney's Mickey's Christmas Carol: Based on a Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, Jim Razzi, Charles Dickens, Phil Wilson, 1992, Disney Press, A Christmas Carol [Christmas1992], (ISBN: 1562822381).
Japan 1992-93 (Frommer's Comprehensive Travel Guides), Reiber, 1992, Hungry Minds, Japan [Japan1992], (ISBN: 0133334856).
Freight Train, E.C. Reichert, 1956, Rand McNally & Company, $.35, Children [Children1956], (ISBN: B004U6PCS0).
SCRIBE User Manual (Third Edition), Brian K. Reid, Janet H. Walker, 1980, Unilogic, Computers [Computers1980b].
Concise Encyclopedia of Computer Science, Edwin D. Reilly, 2004, John Wiley & Sons, MyBooks [MyBooks2004], (ISBN: 0470090952).
The Japanese, Edwin O. Reischauer, 1978, Belknap Press, Japan [Japan1978c], (ISBN: 0674471784).
Petri Nets: An Introduction (Eatcs: Monographs on Theoretical Computer Science, Vol 4), Wolfgang Reisig, 1985, Springer-Verlag, Computers, Petri nets [Petri1985a], (ISBN: 0387137238).
Information Processing 89, G.X. Ritter (Editor), 1989, North-Holland, MyBooks [MyBooks1989a], (ISBN: 0444880151).
Symphony For Simple Simon, Anne Durrum Robinson, 1984, Women's Symphony League Publications, Children [Children1984b], (ISBN: B0006YN0HA).
Software-Based Cache Coherent Operating Systems, Ronald Lynn Rockhold, 1993, Florida Institute of Technology, Computers [Computers1993].
Information Processing 74 (Preprints)(5 Volumes), Jack L. Rosenfeld (Editor), 1974, North-Holland, MyBooks [MyBooks1974b], (ISBN: 0720428033).
Rome From the Air, Guido Alberto Rossi, Franco Lefevre, 1988, Rizzoli, Travel, Above [Above1988], (ISBN: 0847810178).
Rivals of Sherlock Holmes, Alan K. Russell, 1978, Castle Books, Sherlock Holmes [Sherlock1978a], (ISBN: 0890092079).
Start Collecting Coins, Margo Russell, 1989, Running Press, $9.95, Money [Money1989], (ISBN: 0894716743).
Five Little Pumpkins, Iris Van Rynbach, Iris Van Rynbach, 1995, Boyds Mills Press, Children [Children1995f], (ISBN: 1563974525).
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