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Edison's Handy Encyclopedia of General Information and Universal Atlas, 1891, Laird & Lee, Encyclopedia [Encyclopedia1891].
People's Cyclopedia (5 Volumes), 1914, Syndicate Publishing, Encyclopedia [Encyclopedia1914].
The World Book (10 Volumes), 1926, W.F. Quarrie & Company, Encyclopedia [Encyclopedia1926].
Relief Panorama of the Rhine, 1930, Hoursch & Bechstedt, Germany [Germany1930].
The Bedside Tales: A Gay Collection With an Introduction by Peter Arno, 1945, Wm. Penn Publishing, $21.00, Humor [Humor1945].
A Treasury of Stephen Foster, 1946, Random House, Culture [Culture1946], (ISBN: B000LTS7FU).
Crater Lake National Park, 1952, National Park Service, Science, Travel [Crater1952].
English-French French-English Midget Series Dictionaries, 1954, Burgess & Bowes, Travel [Travel1954].
Crater Lake National Park, 1958, National Park Service, Science, Travel [Crater1958].
The Encyclopedia Americana (30 Volumes), 1959, Americana Corporation, Encyclopedia [Encyclopedia1959a].
Funk & Wagnalls Standard Dictionary International Edition (2 Volumes), 1959, Funk & Wagnalls, Encyclopedia [Encyclopedia1959b].
Lincoln Head Cent Collection Starting 1941 Number Two (No. 9030), 1961, Whitman Publishing Company, Money [Money1961].
Official Guide Book Seattle World's Fair 1962, 1962, Acme, $1.00, Travel [Travel1962], (ISBN: B000BXHOUU).
The World and its Peoples: France 1, 1963, Greystone Press, Travel [Travel1963], (ISBN: B000HFQ64M).
A Cool Babe Who Has It Made, 1964, Time-Life, $1.00, Culture, Life [Life1964].
Gulo Luscus, 1965, Willamette High School [School1965].
1965 Official Guide New York World's Fair, 1965, Time-Life, $1.00, Travel [Travel1965a], (ISBN: B006WRKRVC).
The World in 1965: History As We Lived It, 1966, Associated Press, History [History1965b], (ISBN: B000HF3ILG).
Gulo Luscus, 1966, Willamette High School [School1966].
The World in 1966: History As We Lived It, 1967, Associated Press, History [History1966a], (ISBN: B000LQT0ZE).
Gulo Luscus, 1967, Willamette High School [School1967].
The McGraw-Hill Author's Book, 1968, McGraw-Hill, Publishing [Publishing1968], (ISBN: 07045051X).
A Pocket Guide to Hewlett-Packard Computers (5950-8313), 1969, Hewlett-Packard Company, $3.00, Computers [Computers1969b].
Michigan State University Wolverine 1970, 1970, Michigan State University [School1970].
Stanford Quad, Volume 78, 1971, Stanford [School1971].
The Best of Life, 1973, Avon Books, Culture, Life [Life1973a], (ISBN: 0380449099).
The Best of Life, 1973, Time-Life, $19.95, Culture, Life [Life1973b], (ISBN: 0263778045).
Government Printing Office Style Manual, 1973, Government Printing Office, $7.50, Publishing [Publishing1973a], (ISBN: B0012TZT68).
A Guide for Wiley Authors, 1973, John Wiley & Sons, Publishing [Publishing1973b], (ISBN: 0471229377).
Reader's Digest Scenic Wonders of America, 1973, Reader's Digest, Travel [Travel1973], (ISBN: 0895770091).
WASA, 1974, Swedish Royal Printing Office, History [History1974].
Introduction to Programming (Fifth Edition, DEC-08-XINPA-A-D), 1975, Digital Equipment Corporation, Computers [Computers1975a].
Prentice-Hall Author's Guide, 1975, Prentice-Hall, Publishing [Publishing1975], (ISBN: 0136950159).
PDP8/a Minicomputer Handbook, 1976, Digital Equipment Corporation, Computers [Computers1976b].
Word Division (Seventh Edition), 1976, Government Printing Office, $3.75, Publishing [Publishing1976].
The White House: An Historic Guide, 1977, White House Historical Association, History [History1977b], (ISBN: B000JPZCC2).
Selection Of Masterworks in The Collection Of The National Palace Museum, 1978, National Palace Museum, Art [Art1978b], (ISBN: B0085P33AQ).
PDP11/04/34/45/55/60 Processor Handbook, 1978, Digital Equipment Corporation, Computers [Computers1978a].
Speak-a-Little Japanese, 1978, Japan Air Lines, Japan [Japan1978b], (ISBN: B0017GXPVC).
The World's Last Mysteries, 1978, Reader's Digest, Weird [Weird1978], (ISBN: 089577044X).
Disneyland: The First Quarter Century, 1979, Walt Disney Productions, Disney [Disney1979], (ISBN: B000AOTTV2).
Addison-Wesley Guide for Authors, 1982, Addison-Wesley, Publishing [Publishing1982a], (ISBN: 0201993600).
The Chicago Manual of Style, 1982, The University of Chicago Press, Publishing [Publishing1982c], (ISBN: 0226103900).
Walt Disney World A Pictorial Souvenir, 1983, Walt Disney Productions, Disney [Disney1983], (ISBN: B00172U0X2).
Washington Past and Present, 1983, United States Capitol Historical Society, History [History1983], (ISBN: 0916200086).
Guide for Authors, 1983, Van Nostrand Reinhold, Publishing [Publishing1983a].
Amsterdam, 1983, Euro Color Cards, Travel [Travel1983].
A History of the Tips House, 1984, Franklin Savings Association, History [History1984], (ISBN: B003BWAFV8).
Proceedings: International Workshop on Timed Petri Nets/85Ch21873, 1985, IEEE Computer Society, Computers, Petri nets [Petri1985b], (ISBN: 0818606746).
Sherlock Holmes Volume III(Radio Classics/7104), 1985, Great American Audio Co, Sherlock Holmes [Sherlock1985], (ISBN: 1555693717).
MicroTEX technical text processing system: System guide, 1985, Addison-Wesley, Computers, TeX [TeX1985], (ISBN: 0201170779).
Tokyo Disneyland, 1987, Disney [Disney1987c], (ISBN: 4061009885).
Orient Travel Guide, 1988, Sunset Press, Japan [Japan1988], (ISBN: 0376066342).
California Travel Guide, 1988, Sunset Press, Travel [Travel1988a], (ISBN: 037606126X).
The Complete Book of Covers from the New Yorker 1925-1989, 1989, Alfred A. Knopf, $75.00, Art [Art1989], (ISBN: 0394578414).
Walt Disney World, 1989, Walt Disney Productions, Disney [Disney1989], (ISBN: B003S8K93E).
How to Use the Post Office, 1991, Japan [Japan1991].
SHARE Europe Proceedings, 1992, SHARE Europe, MyBooks [MyBooks1992b].
Today's Germany: It's the newest Old Country, 1993, Deutsche Zentrale fur Tourismus, Germany [Germany1993].
Neuschwanstein Castle Calendar, 1995, Travel [Germany1995].
Disneyland Paris, 1996, Walt Disney Productions, Disney [Disney1996].
Mary and Lyle Peterson: 60th Wedding Anniversary, 2003, MyPublisher, MyBooks [MyBooks2003].
2005 Jaguar S-Type, 2004, Jaguar, Culture [Culture1991b].
The Encyclopedia of Immaturity, 2007, Klutz, $12.99, Humor [Humor2007], (ISBN: 1591745438).
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