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Books by Title starting with B

Backlash: The Undeclared War Against Women, Susan Faludi, 1991, Crown, Relationships [Relationships1991], (ISBN: 0517576988).
Bad News, Editors of Esquire, 1984, Avon Books, Weird [Weird1984a], (ISBN: 038085712X).
Basic Television: Volume 1, Alexander Schure, 1974, Hayden Book Co, $4.35, Science [Science1974], (ISBN: 0810450607).
The Bathroom: Criteria for Design, Alexander Kira, 1967, Bantam Books, $1.45, Science [Science1967], (ISBN: B0007DYYM0).
The Bedside Tales: A Gay Collection With an Introduction by Peter Arno, 1945, Wm. Penn Publishing, $21.00, Humor [Humor1945].
The Best Guide to Allergy, Allan V. Giannini, Nathan D. Schultz, Terrance T. Chang, Diane C. Wong, 1985, Consumers Union, Medical [Medical1985], (ISBN: 0890431302).
The Best of Life, 1973, Avon Books, Culture, Life [Life1973a], (ISBN: 0380449099).
The Best of Life, 1973, Time-Life, $19.95, Culture, Life [Life1973b], (ISBN: 0263778045).
Betsey's Bee Tree, Margaret Knox, 1980, Shoal Creek Publishers, $7.95, Children [Children1980], (ISBN: 0883190559).
Beyond News of the Weird (Plume), Chuck Shepherd, John J. Kohut, Roland Sweet, 1991, Plume, Weird [Weird1991], (ISBN: 0452267161).
Biography of a City: Boston, Andrew Hepburn, 1966, Scholastic Book Services, $.65, History [History1966b], (ISBN: B000HU6CBE).
Birnbaum 1985 Walt Disney World, Stephen Birnbaum, 1985, Houghton Mifflin, Disney [Disney1985], (ISBN: 0395365287).
Boilerplate: History's Mechanical Marvel, Paul Guinan, Anina Bennett, 2009, Abrams Image, $24.95, Weird [Weird2009], (ISBN: 0810989506).
Boo to You, Winnie the Pooh!, Bruce Talkington, 1996, Disney Press, $12.95, Children [Children1996a], (ISBN: 0786831219).
A Book of Nonsense, Edward Lear, 1983, Viking Press, $5.98, Humor [Humor1983], (ISBN: 0670180114).
The Book of R, Jane Werner Watson, 1965, Western Publishing Company, Children [Children1965], (ISBN: B000YSUA9Y).
The Book of the Dragon, Judy Allen, Jeanne Griffiths, 1979, Chartwell Books, Art [Art1979b], (ISBN: 0890092419).
The Brain (Scientific American Offprint), David H. Hubel, F.H.C. Crick, 1984, Scientific American, Science [Science1984].
Build Your Own World, I.J. Starworth, 1982, Putnam, History [History1982b], (ISBN: 0399506527).
Building the Suez Canal, S.C. Burchell, 1966, American Heritage Publishing, History [History1966c], (ISBN: 006020916X).
Business Japan: A Practical Guide to Understanding Japanese Business Culture, Peggy Kenna, Sondra Lacy, 1994, Ntc Pub Group, Japan [Japan1994], (ISBN: 0844235520).
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