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Books by Title starting with C

Calculus and Analytic Geometry (Third Edition), George B. Thomas Jr., 1960, Addison-Wesley, Math [Science1960].
California Travel Guide, 1988, Sunset Press, Travel [Travel1988a], (ISBN: 037606126X).
Cascade Volcanoes: A Discovery Book, David Purcell, 1978, High Mountain Press, $2.98, Science [Science1978], (ISBN: B00BHC9DIA).
Castle, David Macaulay, 1977, Houghton Mifflin, $7.95, History [History1977a], (ISBN: 0395257840).
Cat Alphabet, Editors of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1994, Bulfinch Press, Art [Art1994a], (ISBN: 0821221299).
Cat, You Better Come Home, Garrison Keillor, Lou Fancher, Steve Johnson, 1995, Viking Juvenile, Children [Children1995d], (ISBN: 0670851124).
Catnips, Robin Willig, 1985, Universe Books, $7.95, Art [Art1985], (ISBN: B000DZCIDO).
The Century of Sex: Playboy's History of the Sexual Revolution, 1900-1999, James R. Petersen, Hugh M. Hefner, 1999, Grove Press, Sex [Sex1999a], (ISBN: 0802116523).
Charles Pfahl, Artist at Work, Joe Singer, 1977, Watson-Guptill Publications, Art [Art1977], (ISBN: 0823006204).
Charm: The Career Girl's Guide to Business and Personal Success, Rosalind Whitcomb, Helen Lang, 1964, McGraw-Hill, Culture [Culture1964], (ISBN: B0000CMAJ8).
The Chicago Manual of Style, 1982, The University of Chicago Press, Publishing [Publishing1982c], (ISBN: 0226103900).
A Christmas Carol, Lisbeth Zwerger, 1995, Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing, A Christmas Carol [Christmas1995], (ISBN: 0887080693).
A Christmas Carol, Charles Dickens, 1997, DK Publishing, A Christmas Carol [Christmas1997].
Christmas Story: Told Through Paintings, Editors of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1990, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Art [Art1990], (ISBN: 0152004262).
Classic Album Covers of the 70's (The Album Cover Albums), Aubrey Powell, Peter Christopherson, 1994, Collins & Brown, Art [Art1994b], (ISBN: 1850281556).
Classic Illustrated Sherlock Holmes, Arthur Conan Doyle, 1987, Longmeadow Press, Sherlock Holmes [Sherlock1987a], (ISBN: 0681401893).
Clever Lateral Thinking Puzzles, Edward Harshman, 1997, Sterling, Puzzles [Puzzles1997], (ISBN: 0806999381).
Coded Character Sets: History and Development, Charles E. MacKenzie, 1979, Addison-Wesley, Computers [Computers1979], (ISBN: 0201144603).
The Collected What If?, Robert Cowley (Editor), 2001, Putnam, History [History2001], (ISBN: 0399152385).
Collins Dictionary of the English Language, Patrick Hanks, 1986, Collins, Publishing [Publishing1986], (ISBN: 0004331354).
Comet Fever, Donald Gropman, 1985, Simon & Schuster, Science, Culture, Weird [Science1985], (ISBN: 0671603078).
The Compleat Computer, Dennie L. Van Tassel, 1976, SRA, Computers [Computers1976a].
The Complete Book of Covers from the New Yorker 1925-1989, 1989, Alfred A. Knopf, $75.00, Art [Art1989], (ISBN: 0394578414).
The Complete Sherlock Holmes, Volume I, Arthur Conan Doyle, 1930, Doubleday, Doran & Company, Sherlock Holmes [Sherlock1930a], (ISBN: B001C3GEOA).
The Complete Sherlock Holmes, Volume II, Arthur Conan Doyle, 1930, Doubleday, Doran & Company, Sherlock Holmes [Sherlock1930b], (ISBN: B002KHC1H6).
The Complete Short Stories of Mark Twain, Mark Twain, 1957, Bantam Books, $.95, Literature [Literature1957], (ISBN: B000O5SF9Y).
The Complete Text of Mac Bird!, Barbara Garson, 1967, Grove Press, $.75, Literature [Literature1967], (ISBN: B000HTWVLU).
Computer Organization and Assembly Language Programming (Computer science and applied mathematics), James Lyle Peterson, 1978, Academic Press, MyBooks [MyBooks1978], (ISBN: 0125522509).
Computer programs for spelling correction: An experiment in program design (Lecture notes in computer science), James Lyle Peterson, 1980, Springer-Verlag, MyBooks [MyBooks1980b], (ISBN: 0387102590).
Computers -- Theory and Uses, Vincent S. Darnowski, 1964, National Science Teachers Association, Computers [Computers1964], (ISBN: B000AZJHWM).
Concise Encyclopedia of Computer Science, Edwin D. Reilly, 2004, John Wiley & Sons, MyBooks [MyBooks2004], (ISBN: 0470090952).
Connections, James Burke, 1980, Little, Brown and Company, Science [Science1980a], (ISBN: 0316116858).
Cook's Voyages and Peoples of the Pacific, Hugh Cobbe, 1979, British Museum Publications, History [History1979], (ISBN: 0714115517).
A Cool Babe Who Has It Made, 1964, Time-Life, $1.00, Culture, Life [Life1964].
Copyediting: A Practical Guide, Karen Judd, 1982, William Kaufmann, Publishing [Publishing1982b], (ISBN: 0865760284).
Corduroy's Halloween (A Lift-the-Flap Book), B.G. Hennessy, Don Freeman, 1995, Viking Juvenile, Children [Children1995e], (ISBN: 0670861936).
Cosmology + 1 (Readings from Scientific American), Owen Gingerich, 1977, W.H. Freeman & Co, Science [Science1977a], (ISBN: 0716700115).
Cosmopolitan Crimes - Foreign Rivals of Sherlock Holmes, Hugh Greene, 1972, Penguin Books, $.95, Sherlock Holmes [Sherlock1972], (ISBN: 0140035710).
The Count of Monte Cristo, Alexandre Dumas, 1922, Grosset & Dunlap, Literature [Literature1922], (ISBN: B00DZQPXXA).
Covers of the Saturday Evening Post: Seventy Years of Outstanding Illustration, Jan Cohn, Joseph Rutt, 1998, Smithmark, Art [Art1998a], (ISBN: 0765191148).
Crater Lake National Park, 1952, National Park Service, Science, Travel [Crater1952].
Crater Lake National Park, 1958, National Park Service, Science, Travel [Crater1958].
Crater Lake: The Story Behind the Scenery, Ronald G. Warfield, Lee Juillerat, Larry Smith, 1985, KC Publications, $3.75, Science, Travel [Crater1985b], (ISBN: 0916122794).
The Crucifer of Blood: A New Sherlock Holmes Mystery, Paul Giovanni, 1979, Doubleday, Sherlock Holmes [Sherlock1979], (ISBN: B0010CM302).
The Cuckoo's Egg: Tracking a Spy Through the Maze of Computer Espionage, Clifford Stoll, 1989, Doubleday, Computers, history [Computers1989a], (ISBN: 0385249462).
The Culturing of Algae: A Symposium, Jules Brunel, G.W. Prescott, L.H. Tiffany, 1950, Charles F. Kettering Foundation, Science [Science1950], (ISBN: B002EO33AO).
The Cyclopedia of Practical Quotations, J.K. Hoyth, 1896, Funk & Wagnalls, Encyclopedia [Encyclopedia1896].
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