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Books by Title starting with E

The "E" Ticket, Issue #18, Jack Janzen, Leon Janzen, 1994, $5.00, Disney [Disney1994].
The Earth Shook, The Sky Burned, William Bronson, 1986, Chronicle Books, History [History1986], (ISBN: 0877013896).
Edison's Handy Encyclopedia of General Information and Universal Atlas, 1891, Laird & Lee, Encyclopedia [Encyclopedia1891].
The Encyclopedia Americana (30 Volumes), 1959, Americana Corporation, Encyclopedia [Encyclopedia1959a].
Encyclopedia of Computer Science & Engineering, Anthony Ralston, 1993, Van Nostrand Reinhold, MyBooks [MyBooks1993a], (ISBN: 0442276796).
Encyclopedia of Computer Science, Anthony Ralston, 1983, Van Nostrand Reinhold, MyBooks [MyBooks1983], (ISBN: 0442244967).
The Encyclopedia of Immaturity, 2007, Klutz, $12.99, Humor [Humor2007], (ISBN: 1591745438).
Encyclopedia Sherlockiana, Matthew E. Bunson, 1994, Barnes & Noble, $4.99, Sherlock Holmes [Sherlock1994], (ISBN: 0760705542).
English Grammar Simplified, James Fernald, 1979, Collins Reference, Publishing [Publishing1979a], (ISBN: 0064634841).
English-French French-English Midget Series Dictionaries, 1954, Burgess & Bowes, Travel [Travel1954].
Error-Correcting Codes, W. Wesley Peterson, 1961, The MIT Press, Computers [Computers1961], (ISBN: B0000CL17X).
Escher: Special Edition, M.C. Escher, 1996, Taschen, Art [Art1996a], (ISBN: 0760701806).
Everything About Sewing Fur and Fur-like Fabrics, Patricia Perry, 1971, Butterick Fashion Marketing, Culture [Culture1971a], (ISBN: B0016N5TP6).
Exploring the Bismarck (Time Quest Book), Robert D. Ballard, Rick Archbold, 1991, Scholastic Trade, Germany [Germany1991], (ISBN: 0590442686).
Exploring the Solar System: Other Worlds, J. Kelly Beatty, 2001, National Geographic Society, Science [Science2001], (ISBN: 079227878X).
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