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Making Whirligigs and Other Wind Toys, Sharon Pierce, 1985, Sterling, Culture [Culture1985a], (ISBN: 0806979801).
The Map Book, Peter Barber, 2005, Walker & Company, History [History2005], (ISBN: 0802714749).
Mars: Uncovering the Secrets of the Red Planet, Paul Raeburn, 1998, National Geographic Society, Science [Science1998], (ISBN: 0792273737).
Mary and Lyle Peterson: 60th Wedding Anniversary, 2003, MyPublisher, MyBooks [MyBooks2003].
The Massage Book, George Downing, Anne Kent Rush, 1972, Random House Bookworks, Sex [Sex1972], (ISBN: 0394482417).
Master Pieces: The Art History of Jigsaw Puzzles, Chris McCann, 1999, Collectors Press, Jigsaw Puzzles [Jigsaw1999], (ISBN: 1888054247).
Mathematical Puzzles of Sam Loyd: Volume 1, Martin Gardner, 1959, Dover Publications, $1.00, Puzzles [Puzzles1959], (ISBN: B0054J93KA).
Mathematical Puzzles of Sam Loyd: Volume 2, Martin Gardner, 1960, Dover Publications, $1.00, Puzzles [Puzzles1960], (ISBN: B00434W91W).
Mathew Brady: Historian With a Camera, James D. Horan, 1988, Bonanza, History [History1988b], (ISBN: 0517001047).
The McGraw-Hill Author's Book, 1968, McGraw-Hill, Publishing [Publishing1968], (ISBN: 07045051X).
Merlin Book of Logic Puzzles, Margaret C. Edmiston, Jack Williams, 1992, Sterling, Puzzles [Puzzles1992], (ISBN: 0806982217).
The Merriam-Webster Thesaurus for Large Print Users, Editors of Merriam-Webster, 1979, G.K. Hall & Co, Publishing [Publishing1979b], (ISBN: 081616617X).
Methodology of Window Management (Eurographics Seminars, Tutorials and Perspectives in Computer Graphics), F. Robert A. Hopgood, David A. Duce, Elizabeth V.C. Fielding, Ken Robinson, Antony S. Williams, 1986, Springer-Verlag, Computers [Computers1986b], (ISBN: 0387161163).
Methods of Book Design, Third Edition, Hugh Williamson, 1983, Yale University Press, Publishing [Publishing1983b], (ISBN: 0300030355).
Michelangelo and Raphael in the Vatican, A. Graziano, F. Mancinelli, F. Rossi, 1978, Papal Galleries, Art [Art1978a], (ISBN: B000MX4UC4).
Michigan State University Wolverine 1970, 1970, Michigan State University [School1970].
MicroTEX technical text processing system: System guide, 1985, Addison-Wesley, Computers, TeX [TeX1985], (ISBN: 0201170779).
The Milk Mustache Book: A Behind-The-Scenes Look at America's Favorite Advertising Campaign, Jay Schulberg, 1998, Ballantine Books, Culture [Culture1998a], (ISBN: 0345427297).
Modelling of Parallel Systems, James Lyle Peterson, 1974, Stanford University, MyBooks [MyBooks1974a].
The Money Pit Mystery: The Costliest Treasure Hunt Ever, Rupert Furneaux, 1972, Dodd, Mead, $5.95, History, Oak Island [Oak1972], (ISBN: 0396068332).
More Five-Minute Mysteries: 34 New Cases of Murder and Mayhem for You to Solve, Ken Weber, 1991, Running Press, Puzzles [Puzzles1991], (ISBN: 156138058X).
Motel of the Mysteries, David Macaulay, 1979, HMH Books for Young Readers, Humor [Humor1979], (ISBN: 0395284252).
Mother Goose Rhymes, Watty Piper, 1960, Platt & Munk, Children [Children1960b].
Multiprocessors (Prentice-Hall software series), M. Satyanarayan, 1980, Prentice-Hall, Computers [Computers1980a], (ISBN: 0136051545).
Music Machines -- American Style, Cynthia A. Hoover, 1971, Smithsonian Institution Press, Culture [Culture1971b], (ISBN: B0006C1V0U).
MVS: Concepts and Facilities (J. Ranade IBM Series), Robert H. Johnson, 1989, McGraw-Hill, Computers, Linda [Linda1989], (ISBN: 0070326738).
My First Calculator Book, Moira Butterfield, Amanda Bartlett, 1995, Wishing Well Books, Children [Children1995h], (ISBN: 0887056547).
Mysteries of the Mexican Pyramids, Peter Tompkins, Hugh Harleston Jr., 1976, Harper & Row, $20.00, Egypt [Egypt1976a], (ISBN: 006014324X).
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