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B.8 Concept Index

This is an alphabetical list of the files, tools, and concepts introduced in this document.

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Index Entry Section

`"$@"'10.5 Shell Substitutions

$(commands)10.5 Shell Substitutions
${var:-value}10.5 Shell Substitutions
${var=expanded-value}10.5 Shell Substitutions
${var=literal}10.5 Shell Substitutions

`@%:@'8.1.4 Quadrigraphs
`@&t@'8.1.4 Quadrigraphs
`@:>@'8.1.4 Quadrigraphs
`@<:@'8.1.4 Quadrigraphs
`@S|@'8.1.4 Quadrigraphs

`commands`10.5 Shell Substitutions

`acconfig.h'15.2 `acconfig.h'
`aclocal.m4'3. Making configure Scripts
Ash10.1 Shellology
autoconf3.4 Using autoconf to Create configure
autoheader4.8.2 Using autoheader to Create `config.h.in'
autom4te16.1 testsuite Scripts
Automake2.1 Automake
autoreconf3.5 Using autoreconf to Update configure Scripts
autoscan3.2 Using autoscan to Create `configure.ac'
Autotest16. Generating Test Suites with Autotest
autoupdate15.3 Using autoupdate to Modernize `configure.ac'

Back trace3.4 Using autoconf to Create configure
Bash10.1 Shellology

Cache7.3 Caching Results
Cache variable7.3.1 Cache Variable Names
Cache, enabling13.9 configure Invocation
Command Substitution10.5 Shell Substitutions
`config.h'4.8 Configuration Header Files
`config.h.bot'15.2 `acconfig.h'
`config.h.in'4.8.1 Configuration Header Templates
`config.h.top'15.2 `acconfig.h'
config.status14. Recreating a Configuration
Configuration Header4.8 Configuration Header Files
Configuration Header Template4.8.1 Configuration Header Templates
configure3. Making configure Scripts
configure13. Running configure Scripts
`configure.ac'3. Making configure Scripts
`configure.in'3. Making configure Scripts
Copyright Notice4.2 Notices in configure

Declaration, checking5.7 Declarations
dnl9.1 Macro Definitions
dnl9.6 Coding Style

Endianness5.10.2 C Compiler Characteristics

FDL, GNU Free Documentation LicenseA.1 GNU Free Documentation License
File, checking5.3 Files
Function, checking5.5.2 Particular Function Checks

Header, checking5.6 Header Files

ifnames3.3 Using ifnames to List Conditionals
Includes, default5.1.2 Default Includes
Instantiation4.4 Outputting Files

Language6.7 Language Choice
Library, checking5.4 Library Files
Libtool2.2 Libtool
Links4.10 Creating Configuration Links

M4sugar8.2 Programming in M4sugar
Macro invocation stack3.4 Using autoconf to Create configure
Messages, from autoconf9.3 Reporting Messages
Messages, from configure7.4 Printing Messages
Moving open files10.9 Limitations of Usual Tools

obstack5.5.2 Particular Function Checks

POSIX termios headers5.11 System Services
Previous Variable7.2 Setting Output Variables
Programs, checking5.2 Alternative Programs

QNX 4.256.5 Systemology
quadrigraphs8.1.4 Quadrigraphs
quotation3.1.2 The Autoconf Language
quotation8.1 M4 Quotation

Revision4.2 Notices in configure

Structure, checking5.8 Structures
Symbolic links10.9 Limitations of Usual Tools

termios POSIX headers5.11 System Services
test group16.1 testsuite Scripts
testsuite16.1 testsuite Scripts
testsuite16.3 Running testsuite Scripts

undefined macro: _m4_divert_diversion15.6.2 New Macros

Variable, Precious7.2 Setting Output Variables
Version4.2 Notices in configure
VPATH10.10 Limitations of Make

Zsh10.1 Shellology

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